Business report money and capital market

Business report money and capital market

While the Viney and Phillips text is a good starting point, you will need to supplement it with research on the internet and various finance journals. You will need to reference APRA, RBA and BIS websites as a minimum to source material for the assignment.
Commercial banks are the main type of financial institution that operates within a financial system. Because of the importance of commercial banks in supporting economic growth, the regulators have prescribed prudential standards for supervision of the banking sector. One such standard relates to capital adequacy. The Bank of International Settlements established a permanent committee, the Basel Committee on Banking supervision, to develop capital standards. The Basel I accord was introduced in 1988; the Basel II capital accord had been implemented in most countries by January 2008. Recently, the Committee in order to increase the resilience of the Banking sector is considering moving to Basel III from 2013.
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