Country specific entry marketing plan

Country specific entry marketing plan

Country specific entry marketing plan
The major project requires to research an exporting firm using published sources or a real company. You are a small dynamic consulting firm and have won a competitive bid to analyse the (xyz) company and present a report to the board of directors regarding their current Global Marketing operations and make some recommendations about how they can capitalise on their present opportunities and what opportunities they may consider in the future.
You are expected to present informed opinions about the firm?s Global Marketing operations which means, you are expected to be critical but will need to provide clear reasons for your comments. As you are an experienced individual, you will refer to your knowledge base and be prepared to back your analysis with your knowledge of theories concepts and prior cases in the analysis, leading up to developing your recommendations.
The project requires you to conduct an analysis of a company that exports its products or services from your home country (i.e. Thailand) . If you are an international student, you will need to consider the export decisions of a company from your home country to another country (not into the country you are studying in), or the decisions of an Australian company exporting to a country other than your home country. The purpose of the project is to enable you to develop research skills regarding a country with which you are not familiar.
You may focus on one product (or one group of products if they are closely related) or service and one country-market for your project.
Either interview one or more executives from a company or use material from published sources to conduct your research.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT šŸ™‚

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