Describe in detail the nursing care that may be given to your client.

Describe in detail the nursing care that may be given to your client.


Mon Tran is an 85 year old widowed gentleman who was born in Combodia and has two sons. Mon speaks

fluent english having come to australia as a young man to work as well as fluent vietnamese. Mon

has lived with one of his son’s since his wife died 4 years ago and has very limited physical

contact with his other son as he lives interstate. He is very active within his local Buddhist

community. Mon has a vision impairment and can moblise independently with a frame when at home. Mon

has been transferred to your unit from the intensive care unit.Mon was electively admitted to the

hospital 5 days previously with Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy(BPH) and underwent a Transurethral

resection of the prostate (TURP).His past medical history includes poorly controlled Non-insulin

Dependent Diabetes Mellitis,Hypertension and recurrent urinary tract infections.While undergoing

surgery he had an acute Myocardial Infraction(AMI),and was admitted to intensive care for further

stabilisation and management On transfer to your unit, Mon’s vital signs were BP 175/100, Temp 38,

Respiration 18, Pulse 90,BGL 12mmol/L, Oxygen Saturation 94% on 4L oxygen via nasal specs.

Neurologically Mon was easy to rouse. He was not oriented to person but was unaware of the time and

place and he was responding to direct commands.His conversation was inappropriate at times in both

English and Vietnamese(his first language) and he was confused nursing staff with his family

members. Mon has a patient IVT of 0.9% Normal Saline flowing at 1.25 mls/hour.The cannula was