Describe two key features of the Cognitive Behavioral approach.

Describe two key features of the Cognitive Behavioral approach.

Psychology for Care case studies.

When answering each question you should note the number of marks allocated to each skill and use this information as a guide to the length and type of answer required.

Marks Section 1 Psychology for Care

4 (a) Describe two key features of the Cognitive Behavioural approach.

(b) Explain why nature and nurture are both important influences on how a

(c) Explain how a care worker could use Adams, Hayes and Hopson’s model of transition to understand and support an individual moving into a care 7 setting.

Case Study – Billy Read the case study and answer the question that follows.

Billy is 32 and was recently involved in a serious car accident. He now uses a wheelchair and receives daily visits from a care worker to assist with his personal care. Billy has had to give up his

job as an electrician and is worried about how he will support his wife and children. He is also worried about how others view him and has started to avoid many of his friends and family.

(d) Explain how Carl Rogers’ Person Centred Theory could help the care worker understand and support Billy.

Marks Section 2 Sociology for Care

(a) Describe two key features of symbolic interactionist theory.

(b) Use either Conflict Theory or Functionalist Theory, to explain homelessness in society.

(c) In relation to disability, explain how sociology helps us to understand the relationship between private problems and public issues.

(d) Explain why guiding values are important in care work.

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