how has law enforcement operation evolved since the 1800

enforcement operation

how has law enforcement operation evolved since the 1800

Project description
Criminal justice is communications related field. To your chagrin much of the communication is written, hence our writing assignment. This paper is worth 20% of your grade. Students will be required to research and write a four (4) page college level research paper on Law Enforcement Operations. The topic can be about anything covered by the text or something you find during your research assignments. The paper must consist of a minimum of 950-1250 words (three-four double spaced pages – non negotiable). This word count covers only the body of the paper – it does not include the cover sheet, abstract or reference page. Your completed paper will be a total of approx 1500 words. Spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax count! The paper will be typed using 12 point, Times New Roman/Arial font. Students will utilize the APA format to write the paper as outlined in the text, APA Formatting and Style Guide:
Each research paper will utilize a minimum of three APA-style references. Each page (not including the abstract) of your paper will contain at least one citation which will marry up with your references. Students may utilize any source they would like however the reference must be properly annotated on the reference page. It is the express responsibility of the student to ensure that the paper reaches the instructor on time. Papers will be submitted via the safe assign drop-box. Do not plagiarize your paper. Write it yourself. Plagiarized papers will receive ZEROS. Papers will be graded using a RUBRIC similar to the Discussion Board Rubric. Papers will not be accepted if turned in after the due date. Students may turn papers in as early as they wish, if received a week (or earlier) before the due date, it will be accepted as a draft and the student will have an opportunity to make corrections for a higher grade. The graded paper will remain the property of the instructor.

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