IT Project Management Assignment

IT Project Management Assignment

Project management

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IT Project Management Assignment.
There are five libraries located in various areas of a city. Each library plans to install a number of
computer terminals for public use, for the purposes of allowing borrowers to search the online
library catalogue. They employ you as project manager to implement the project.
The number of terminals installed in each library will depend on the size of the library and its
borrower usage. Each computer terminal will allow public users to search for any publication in
any format in all five libraries. The catalogue will give details of all the titles in stock, where they
are held and whether they are currently available for the user to reserve or borrow. This user
friendly system will also permit users to reserve an item which can be collected from the library of
their choice and e-mail them when it becomes available. In addition, each library requests that
software enabling the public to learn a language be installed on each terminal. You will also need to
investigate if there are additional functions users may require or benefit from.
The library has sufficient funding so there are no financial constraints. You are required to use
Microsoft Project to plan, implement and manage this project. Using Microsoft Project will assist
you to produce a word processed document by completing the following five sections. Insert graphs
and charts as appropriate.
Please also include a digital copy of your completed Microsoft Project file.
Section 1 (15 marks)
Research the type of work involved in actually executing the above scenario. Produce a summary of
your findings. Use this information to create the two lists required below.
· Provide a word processed list of tasks that will be used to create the Work Breakdown
Structure (WBS).
· Provide a word processed list of resources that will be used to create the Resource Sheet.
Submit your lists for approval before commencing with sections 2 – 5.

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