Legal Analysis

Legal Analysis

Legal Analysis

A key responsibility of health information professionals is examining release of information (ROI) requests for accuracy and validity. Using your print screens, and spreadsheet from Steps One and Two, analyze each request and indicate whether or not they are valid and should be released to the requester.
Finally, in your own words, present a brief legal and ethical analysis (2-3 paragraphs) of your findings—from the perspective of a health information management professional—about the disclosure (particularly to a third party) of medical records to third parties, methodologies to check for validity, reasonable fees, etc. Incorporate at least one legislative act, statute, regulation, etc. into your analysis.
Completing the Assignment
Complete the required content in Microsoft Word and submit your entire document to the Dropbox for grading.
1. Ensure that you have completed all three steps above and pasted a screenshot into a new Word document for Sections One and Two, a written analysis of both sections, and a final legal analysis about ROI requests.
2. Save the Word document as: HIT220_Week7QuadraMed_ Lastname_FirstInitial
3. Submit in Week 7 to the Dropbox by the due date outlined in the Syllabus.
Grading Rubric
The assignment is worth 100 total points, or 10% of the final grade, and will be graded using the following grading rubric:
Category Points % Description
Content Documentation & Analysis 50 50% The final submission contains all required elements.

The analysis is in-depth, includes specifics from the course with regards to accuracy, validity, privacy, confidentiality of third-party requests, and is from the proper perspective.

At least one legislative act, statute, regulation, etc. is effectively incorporated into the body of the course project to support, rather than dominate, the student’s original content.
Accuracy of Extracted Information 40 40% The search request for lawyers and pull list is complete and accurate.

Specific print screens and spreadsheet are included to support the student’s search.
Formatting & Editing 10 10% Course project is formatted accordingly and any external sources are cited in APA style.

The presentation is original content, free of any mechanical errors including grammar, spelling, typographical, etc.
Total 100 100% A quality course project will meet or exceed all of the above requirements.


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