Modern American Civilization history

Modern American Civilization history

Imagine that you are an American president in the second half of the nineteenth century and can design Indian policy. Based on what you have read on these documents and in the chapter, what would you do and why? What challenges might you face as you attempted to implement your policy?

Book is exploring American histories, volume 2. Chapter 14-15

Modern American Civilization history
AMH 2042 is a Gordon Rule Writing Course. Students demonstrate college-level writing skills. You will receive your response essay question approximately 2 weeks in advance of the due date. The essay question will ask you to analyze themes covered during the course of the semester. A good essay will contain the following elements:
Thesis Statement: 2 points
For help on writing a thesis statement, see:
Thesis Supported with Reasons and Evidence from the text or documents: 4 points
Paper shows sustained analysis and critical thought: 3 points.
Paper organized clearly and logically: 2 points.
Shows knowledge of conventions of standard written English: 2 points.
Cites material appropriately using Chicago Style of 2points*
Times New Romans Font 12 Double Spaced.

Please note that students found guilty of plagiarism will receive a 0 on the essay and also must come in to my office to sign a statement of warning.

Please Note: For the purposes of writing papers, the use of Wikipedia,, and other non-scholarly websites is prohibited. Papers should be based primarily on the reading assignments. You may also refer to scholarly books and articles secured via the online databases JSTOR and Project Muse.

Paper Format: Papers should be 3-4 pages long (900-1200 words), written in Times New Roman, 12 point font, with numbered pages. Please include a title for your paper and your name and date. You will submit your paper via
Documenting Your Sources. Please use Chicago Style notes and bibliography system to cite your work. For guidance on documenting your sources see:

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