most significant milestones in your life to date

most significant milestones in your life to date

milestone sketches
Blog Question. This blog is based on the milestone sketches carried out in Skills Application Session 1
Describe the 3 most significant milestones in your life to date and give details as to why you chose them.
You would also have heard other students present their sketches and talk about their milestones. What
impact did this total experience have on you? Why do you think it is important to hear other students’
diverse stories? How important are these stories in your current learning situation and also in a work
setting? Is there anything now that you would consider doing differently?
This is an opportunity to insert your image into the text and make it the focus of your discussion.

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The Most Significant Event in My Life
The most significant event in my life One day, when I was lying on the bed and started to relax myself. Suddenly, a question jumped out from my mind. What was the most significant event that I had experience in my life? At the moment that I was wondering what was the answer. An answer came…

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A Significant Experience That Changed Your Life.
I had my life set. At the age of 15 I had no worries, no qualms about life. My daily routine comprised of going to school, coming home, resting for a while, waking up, going out with friends, coming back home, sleeping, and then repeating the same thing the next day. I didn’t care about my homework,…

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The Most Difficult Situation in Your Life
Decisions In Personal And Professional Life How Values Affect Decisions in Personal and Professional Life Shaundrea Sager University of Phoenix Abstract Many people have a set of core… Premium Looks Vs Academic Qualification In Professional Life definition of success varies…

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