Oil & Gas management in Thailand or UK

Oil & Gas management in Thailand or UK

1. Working Title
2. Background into the proposed research topic
Justification/Rationale ? Why did you want to investigate this area? Who could benefit from the results?
Invest time in explaining a compelling reason for the study rather than just showing past literature that found similar results.
Purpose ? Exactly why you want to research this area?
3.One Research question and 3 research objectives
The research question which is one overall question
Research objectives (3 different research objectives) must be clear statements that identify what the research process seeks to achieve. This must relate to the research question/topic
Both research question and the three research objectives must relate to the literature review
4. Academic context
Top 5 lists of the most important or significant studies, theories
How relevant are they the mentioned studies, theories?
End of Module Assessment (100%): Research Proposal (Deadline beginning of week 10)
Word limit: 2,500
Assessor: Tutor
This Assignment requires you to engage with the Business and Management Research Methods tools typically employed to plan for a proposed piece of original research. The Mid Term Module Assessment requires you to produce a Research Proposal to investigate a relevant business issue and will contribute to existing knowledge. It is imperative that you complete the requirements as part of the marking criteria.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT šŸ™‚

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