Population and community Health Nursing

Population and community Health Nursing

1. Please refer to chapter 15 of your textbook case study on pp 385- 386.
2. You will address this from the point of view as if you are the public health nurse in the scenario and you are one of the decision makers. (Pretend You are part of the board or commissioners).

3. You will address/answer all the questions following the case scenario “Caring for Cooper City” in your paper. But I do not expect a question and answer format. It should be and integrated paper where all the questions are addressed.

4. Yes you can use subheadings for the body of your paper. You can combine two or three questions in a paragraph and make them known with subtitles.

5. You will write it in a formal paper format and observing the APA format. This paper should be a minimum of 10 pages.
Identify all the possible community needs of the Cooper City Community.

6. You will use one change theory you prefer to use. Reflect in your paper how this theory is utilized in your paper.

7. You may use references for your work. your work with theoretical framework that will guide your proposed changes.

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