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Background: You are the vice president for communications at Feelgud Pharmaceutical. As such, your job is to speak publicly for the company.
Three weeks ago, your company began nationwide retail sales of Headache Gone, a capsule that contains ibuprofen, caffeine, ginseng and ground white willow bark. The product was tested extensively for a year on rodents and humans and found to have no adverse side effects.
It was launched with an advertising blitz. The slogan, “Gone in One, Two, Three,” quickly became a popular expression. Sales immediately were brisk.
However, since Headache Gone went on sale at least 162 people who took the capsules have been treated for various illnesses, including vomiting, diarrhea, panic attacks, shortness of breath, dizziness and skin rash. Perhaps another 200 consumers have complained directly to the company about becoming ill after taking the medication.
While no one is believed to have died as a result of taking the medication, nearly 50 people have had to be hospitalized for up to three days. The full extent of the side effects will not be known for weeks, possibly months.
As a result of the health problems, Feelgud is immediately pulling the product from everywhere it is sold, some 260,000 stores.
In all, an estimated 2.2 million boxes of Headache Gone are being retrieved and will be destroyed. In collaboration with the U.S. Center for Disease Control, The Department of Homeland Security and Feelgud chemists and officials will conduct an exhaustive study of the product and determine the cause of the unexpected results. These results should be known within two weeks.
Further, the FBI is looking into the matter to learn if there could have been criminal tampering with the medication.
Feelgud’s CEO Taylor Williams has made this statement for release:
“Our highest priority is ensuring the public’s health. We work to achieve that goal in every product we produce. Needless to say, we are saddened and deeply concerned by the apparent negative side effects associated with Headache Gone . At this time, there is insufficient evidence to determine the cause of this problem. However, we will spare no effort or expense in determining in what has gone wrong and remedying the situation as quickly as possible. “
The product was manufactured entirely at the company’s Bangladesh factory.
Several news reports suggest that the plant has been plagued by poor quality control and lack of security, which might have allowed tampering.
Information at your disposal does not indicate there have been any problems at the factory. Still, you are aware that an internal investigation will be conducted to determine if problems exist.
Your job is to write a press release of between 250 and 300 words announcing the information above.
It is vitally important that you are as forthcoming as possible without disclosing information that is certain to further alarm consumers. Remember, your goal is to convey a convincing message, not just disclose information. So, for example, you would not reveal information that casts the company in more of a negative light than is necessary.
Additionally, you are to make these points:
• Feelgud is determined to safeguard the public’s health.
• The vast majority of the 170,000 consumers who have used the product have found relief from pain without any ill effects. This should give consumers some degree of comfort.
• Still, to be on the side of safety we ask merchants to take all Headache Gone from their shelves and to stop sales.
• We ask that anyone who has the product to immediately destroy it.
• Your company will produce public service announcements to help get out the word.
• More information will be made available through Face Book and the company’s Website: Consumers may also call 1 800 555-2233. Health experts will be available for questions or consultations.
• Feelgud makes many kinds of personal care products, of which 45 product are homeopathic
• It was established in 1922 in Upper Marlborough, Maryland, where its headquarters remain.
• This product was manufactured at the company’s factory in Bangladesh.
• Working together, consumers and Feelgud, will get past this difficult time.
• Finally, be sure to quote or paraphrase CEO Williams.

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