summarize the key stages or elements of the plot of one play

summarize the key stages or elements of the plot of one play

Paper instructions:
PICK a play to review. Write three, numbered paragraphs, following the instructions below. (Roughly, 200-500 words total.)
1.Trace or summarize the key stages or elements of the plot of one play (with appropriate illustrations from the story).
2. Analyze ONE main character in that play (describing purpose, problems, and details).
3. Explain the theme (or purpose) of the plot (with a convincing explanation of your hypothesis, offering support from the story).
The essential elements involved in planning and assessing drama at key stage 3.
THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS INVOLVED IN PLANNING AND ASSESSING DRAMA AT KEY STAGE 3 “How and by what means do we assess drama? Any assessment should provide a fair, reliable and objective means of placing a student’s progress in drama.” Neelands, J (2000) Beginning Drama 11-14, David Fulton Publishers. …

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stage play
PSF (Philippine Stagers Foundation) is now in its 14th year. The group is committed to bringing theater closer to the youth by injecting elements of pop culture in their musicals. It has received both nominations and wins from the Aliw Awards, BroadwayWorld, Dangal ng Bansa, etc. Recently, its head…

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stages of play
Solitary play Babies and young children will play alone. They rely on their senses to gather information. They are interested in sound, taste, smell and what they look like. Young children will automatically put objects in the mouth to explore them. Later they will push, pull, take apart, put together…

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The stages of play
The stages of play Children discover and learn about their world through play. Play develops imagination and creativity, and gives children practice in the social skills they need in our world. Children do not play for reward or because someone told them to, they play because they like it. Children…

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