What evidence exists for global climate change?

What evidence exists for global climate change?


Final Paper and PowerPoint Presentation
Prepare a 2000 to 2500-word paper and a minimum 6-slide PowerPoint presentation (with a title slide and with notes on each slide) based on the paper you write that answers any one of following questions or topics. You may also submit your own desired area of research for approval.
1. What evidence exists for global climate change?
2. What is El Niño and La Niña? Describe our current situation.
3. What is the ozone hole?
4. What is the state of arctic ice and how may it reflect global climate change?
5. What effect do major volcanic eruptions have on the weather? What has happened historically with big volcanoes? What is the year without a summer?
6. What is the link between sunspots and weather, if there is one?
7. What climate extremes have existed over the last 10,000 years? 100,000 years? Geological history?
8. What is the accuracy of a 5-day, 7-day, or 14-day forecast? What is the expected accuracy of a climatic forecast for the next 100 years and why?
9. If carbon dioxide is a problem, what measures really might work to reduce or limit its increase in the atmosphere?
10. What was the beginning of satellite meteorology and how has it advanced over the years?
11. What did Benjamin Franklin contribute to the science of meteorology?
12. Is an ‘occluded front’ real or is this just an idealized idea of how fronts work that never happens in reality. Explain what meteorologists think may replace a frontal occlusion. Are there any other weather phenomena commonly taught that are probably not real?
13. Are there physical ailments that allow humans to detect weather changes? What are they and what is being detected by the body parts?
14. What is the history of the National Weather Service?
15. Are hurricanes increasing in number and intensity?
16. What are monsoons? Where on earth do we see monsoons occurring?
17. The Galveston Hurricane
18. Hurricane Katrina
19. Weather and how it affected biblical events (example, there might have been a flood at one point).
20. What is chaos theory and how does it relate to weather?
21. How does weather affect road, air, and water travel? What systems have been developed to help humans avoid delays and danger?
22. What is the history of weather reports on TV or radio? What is the Weather Channel and what is its history?
23. What is the Storm Prediction Center and what is its history and duties?
24. What is fire weather forecasting and how does it work, how accurate is it?
25. Or any other topic you can think of! (Must be approved)
Paper will be graded based on the Grading Rubric on Page 10 of the Syllabus.

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