Write short answer for each part in each chapter and number them.

Write short answer for each part in each chapter and number them.

Ch1: Meaningful Use. Things you need to answer:

1.What are the requirements?
2. Measures – Core & Menu
3. Who do they apply to?
4. What are the objectives of these requirements?

Ch2: Historic Patient Data and Chart Abstraction. Things you need to answer:

1. Methods for entering previous patient data into new EHR
2. Benefits and Drawbacks of each

[Video] How to Implement an EHR and HIE that Actually Improves Quality, Safety, Efficiency, and Service
Description: This presentation describes how one Ambulatory Clinic preloaded 15 years of clinical data into its EHR, interfaced it to 5 hospitals, a reference lab, a home health agency, pharmacies and payers, and turned on clinical decision support. The result is nation-leading HEDIS quality measures, Medicare total cost of care, as well as documented improvements in safety, efficiency, and satisfaction.
What you should learn from this presentation: You should have a better understanding of the impact that HIT can have on patient health as well as provider efficiency. You should also have a basic understanding of how EHR systems allow data to be shared among different organizations.