Discuss salary data

Discuss salary data

Project Description:

As the Human Resources Manager, you maintain employee salary data. You exported data from the corporate database into an Excel workbook. You want to display subtotals for salary by city. For further analysis, you want to create a PivotTable to determine what the total salaries would be if employees who earn an Excellent rating get a 5% increase in salary. Finally, you want to create a PivotChart that depicts what percentage of employees earn each performance rating.



For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks:

Step Instructions Points Possible
1 Start Excel. Open the downloaded Excel file namedexploring_e05_grader_a1_start.xlsx. 0
2 In the Subtotal worksheet, sort the data by Location in alphabetical order and then by Title in Alphabetical order. 5
3 In the Subtotal worksheet, use the Subtotal feature to calculate the average Salary by Location. 10
4 In the Subtotal worksheet, display only the Location averages and grand average. Expand the details for Chicago. 5
5 Use the Data worksheet to create a recommended PivotTable. Select the Sum of Salary by Title recommended PivotTable. Rename the new worksheet PivotTable. 10
6 Add the Location field to the COLUMNS area and remove the Last Name field from the ROWS area in the PivotTable. 5
7 Modify the VALUES field by changing the custom name to Salary Totals and formatting the values with Currency number type with zero decimal places. 10
8 Set a Performance filter to display Excellent ratings only. 5
9 Insert a calculated field named Field1 that calculates a 5% increase in salaries. The new value should give the total new salaries, not just the increase. 5
10 Modify the calculated field by changing the custom name to New Salary Totals and formatting the values with Currency number type with zero decimal places. 5
11 Type Job Titles in cell A5 and Cities in cell B3. 5
12 Apply Pivot Style Light 15, and display banded columns. 5
13 Use the Data worksheet to create a PivotChart using the Performance field for both the AXIS (CATEGORY) and VALUES areas on a new sheet named Performance. Change the chart type to Pie. 5
14 Hide the field buttons in the PivotChart and change the chart title to Performance Ratings. 5
15 Sort the data in the Performance PivotTable to display the largest number to the smallest number. 5
16 Add data labels to the Inside End position and change them from values to percentages. Group the data labels together and apply bold and 10-pt size to them. 10
17 Adjust the size of the PivotChart for the range A8:D20. 5
18 Ensure that the worksheets are correctly named and placed in the following order in the workbook: Subtotal, PivotTable, Performance, Data. Save the workbook. Close the workbook, and then exit Excel. Submit the workbook as directed. 0
Total Points 100

case study assignment

he More Movies company has hired you to redesign a database system for them that can facilitate the process of renting out and returning movies.

They already have an Oracle database that stores information about movies, members who rent the movies, and the rentals. This is the database that you already have become familiar with and the one which includes tables: MM_MOVIE, MM_MOVIE_TYPE, MM_MEMBER, MM_RENTAL, and MM_PAY_TYPE. The machine on which this database is running has both the server and client Oracle9i software installed on it. Every night, a clerk updates data to account for the day’s activities, and periodically the reports are run to summarize business, show renting trends, etc. Access to the database is accomplished using a SQL*Plus environment that is very similar to the iSQL*Plus that you know from the previous database course. This business process worked okay for as long as More Movies stayed a very small business.

However, the company has grown substantially, expanding its operations to more movie selection and more members, and consequently, it has moved to a larger location. It occupies a two-story shop now. It became very impractical to record rentals at the end of the day. They also do not want to rely on clerks knowing any SQL programming in order to record updates and run reports.

In short, there is a need for a more convenient database system. The machine on which the database is currently running is powerful enough to host the database server. The database should be accessible from four checkout stations that process renting out and returning movies. This system should have an easy-to-use graphical user interface access.

For the lab, you will be creating several documents to be submitted for the lab. Be sure that you save the documents with your last name and lab7 in the file name. Place all documents into a single ZIP file and submit for grading.


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