Multiple Relationships in Psychotherapy

Multiple Relationships in Psychotherapy
Individual Assignment
Answer the following five questions, each of which has 20 marks, for a total of 100. The answer to each question should be no longer than 150 words. Your answers need to be consistent across the five questions, so once you have identified a strategy in question 1, please do not change this in subsequent answers, or you will be penalised. If possible, draw (and explain) a suitable figure or diagram for questions 1, 2 and 3.
1. Assuming you are a senior manager of the parent firm, below, in which cell of the integration/ responsiveness (I/R) framework would you place the corporate strategy of each of the following five MNEs:
a) IBM
b) Toyota
c) Huawei
d) Samsung Electronics
e) Google
2. What is the appropriate organisational structure consistent with the strategy of each of the five firms in Question 1?
3. For each of the five firms, discuss any flagship relationships which may exist with its network partners (here make plausible arguments, even if you have no specific data).
4. What is the appropriate corporate culture to achieve satisfactory corporate social responsibility and ethical behaviour consistent with the strategy you discuss in Question 1, for each of the five firms? Again, make plausible arguments, whenever possible bolstered by publicly available corporate data.
5. Now assume that you are a subsidiary manager. Explain how you are implementing the strategies for each of these five firms, consistent with your answer to Question 1.
We recommend that Notes or Endnotes should be used only if absolutely necessary and must be identified in the text by consecutive numbers, enclosed in square brackets and listed at the end of the essay.
The general format of this submission should include the following parts:
Front page: assignment title, your name, your student ID number, your group, your team, and word count (word count excludes the front page, appendices, tables, figures, and references).
Introduction: a brief explanation of the main objective of this assignment.
Main body: You need to show that you are capable of applying frameworks to the firms you are studying. A good piece of work for this module should focus on a persuasive analysis and argument, critical thinking , logical reasoning and clear presentation. The format is to provide the answer to each question.
Conclusion: a brief summary of the essential arguments/findings for the assignment.
Tables and figures: It is your decision to put the figures/tables separately or in the text. Each figure/table needs to be fully referenced and explained. Please do not insert any of them without explanation.
References: All sources (e.g. books, articles, internet sites) used in the essay must be listed in a reference.
Appendices (if any)

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