Payment Options


PayPal is available on 203 markets. It is used by 152 million active users and works with 100 currencies. In order to make and receive payments with PayPal, you will only need a bank account or your debit/credit card. Creating an account takes a few minutes only. We also accept PayPal Guest payments, which means that you do not have to register in order to make a payment. This is what PayPal offers:

  • Safety of your account. It is virtually impossible for anyone to illegally access your account
  • Your information is secure. In order to ensure the safety of your information advanced security mechanisms are being implemented, which guarantees that your personal data will not be shared with third parties.
  • Quality that matches description. If you would like to receive a refund because your product is not what you expected, PayPal will assist you with refunds.
  • Trustworthy sellers. PayPal does not cooperate with unverified sellers, so if a service does not provide the PayPal option, it may look suspicious.
  • Instant transactions. PayPal payments are instant. Please note that the system also allows us to instantly investigate any suspicious transactions. In this case, we will ask the customer to verify his/her account.
  • Transparency in all transactions. PayPal is free, and there are no hidden charges for any transactions.