Recruiting and Selecting Employees

Outline a sourcing and recruitment plan. The proposed plan must include an appropriate sourcing approach and range of recruitment methods to attract potential candidates. The plan should include the key elements of information the company will communicate to prospective applicants.

The Queensland company – OZStyle4U – requires an effective recruitment and selection process for the employment of its first Store Manager in its Tasmanian ‘flagship’ store scheduled to open in Hobart in 12 weeks’ time. This is a full-time, ongoing position with career development opportunities. External recruitment is necessary, as no internal candidates have been found suitable or available for the position; and it is desirable to have the new manager commence within 9 weeks if possible. The aim is to allow the new appointee to receive a full induction into the organisation, and to participate in the recruitment of new store staff.

A Copy of the job description will be attached, as well as the relevant tables which is required in the outlining process.

A layout and format will be attached and that will be the basis to be followed for this recruitment and selection essay


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